Subject Expertise

While we specialize in non-fiction in any subject in the English language, we have extensive experience and expertise in three areas from formal training and education, professional work, and research: Korea, Science/Health Communication, Wine.



Korean history, particularly the Joseon Dynasty and the role of women. Jeju Massacre. Korean War. Korean pop culture, including the spread of K-Dramas to the US. Korean genealogy. Korean food. Traditional Korean culture. Korean alcohol.

[Academic Editing]


Science and health communication. We specialize in presenting complex information to a general audience in an accurate, clear, and engaging way.

[Writing, Editing, Editorial]


Wine production, including grape varieties, vineyard management, winemaking techniques, and wine ageing. Wine business. Sparkling Wine. Fortified Wines. Wines of the World, with a particular interest in French and Italian wines. Wines of British Columbia, Canada. Canadian wines. Technical Sheets. Wine history. Wine culture.

[Writing, Editing, Editorial]